Check Responsiveness and Other Important Factors

Though mobile apps extremely popular nowadays yet websites are still irreplaceable. When we consider web design testing then responsiveness is the main feature to check properly. Responsiveness makes website adjust as per resolution so it become easy to use. You would be aware of URL change for mobile version like This M in the beginning plays vital role. There are different types of mobile devices so design should fit in them all from Blackberry to iPhone.

9 Points for Web Testing:

  • Consistency and alignment of text, images and videos should be checked on various browsers and operating system.
  • Testing should be carried out with numerous devices whether it be popular one or not.
  • Tester and developer coordination is very crucial. If there remains any communication gap then regression testing will be repeatedly.
  • Content should be readable with all resolutions even when browser gets very reduced in size.
  • Content and alignment should work on breakpoints or threshold point.
  • Check navigation in website with numerous devices.
  • Designing should not be only for desktop
  • Typography should be easy and flexible
  • Viewport resize is also important

We have tried to collect some important points regarding website quality assurance.