Website Design Testing

What you think about a website, is it just a few pages connected with the AHREF? Website may be not alive but with perfect users’ experience, it can be turned alive. A visitor should not be put on struggle while surfing website, this is the main reason why sitemap concept was brought inside website. We have spoken to numerous web designers in Bangalore and finally, we have conclusion that are listed in bullet points below for web design testing :

  • Understanding of user is important: it seems impossible to check entire analytics data from home or sitting at one place. Put Google analytics code in the head section of website and it will be possible to track exact traffic. Even if a user comes from Facebook (platforms not from Google ) , it would be possible to track. When you will deeply go through analytics report then you will come to know what users’ are trying to get out of your website?
  • How people use buttons and navigation is really important? We have categorized entire navigation into two sections namely direct interactions and indirect interactions. List of direct interfaces are: button tapping, swiping, drag and drop. Indirect interfaces are mouse click, key commands, form fields and wacom drawing.
  • Expectation setting is crucial and we will write all concerned points systematically. Highlighting buttons is important. All symbols used in the website should be well understood amongst people. Color selection should be perfect like green color should be for the submission while red can have a different meaning.
  • Dealing with errors: there are two possible ways to handle errors. One can do this by doing by preparation in advance or by fixing once occurs. Sometimes we learn from mistakes. I will give one example like I had created one form in a website and Submit button was active with empty form and this was totally an error.
  • Decision making should be simple for users: once a visitor comes to website then there are numerous aspects to deal with. A user should not get confuse while on the website, some points to be careful about are layout, menus, landing pages, content feeds etc.

These five points are crucial but there are many more things to think about. Web designing is changing and carries more responsibility than a web designer so one should be careful about this.