Scratching Fine Aspects of UI and UX Testing

UX professionals understand that user experience matters a lot for the website or mobile apps’ success. Backside HTML coding is not a matter of concern for a website user. Job of expert will be rated only what users’ see before them. Code is actually hidden in the backside of website elements. With strong CSS and HTML, we have seen numerous aspects working for the website and apps. So what is the solution? Do webmaster needs to learn about the process of UI and UX making?

Creation of prototype is quite easy but there are numerous minute things. In such cases, experience matters a lot, writing a simple HTML code would be easy but there are small aspects. With new HTML5, responsiveness has come in action and coding has become reluctant. If you are into wire-framing then we have 5 tips that will work for website UI and UX :

  • Layout and grid system should be responsive: content design and alignment that work for cross platform compatibility. Make a simple website; don’t get it too complicated, unnecessary stuff will reduce your chance to get into.
  • Proper navigation: hierarchy of elements is very crucial and this thing is to be noted that there are elements that should be arranged. Suppose you have a page that speaks about website testing services and next you want UI web testing then you can’t relate mobile testing with web.
  • Typography: this is the one section always ignored by the web UI and UX designers. Processing of arrangement data should be perfect in all orders.
  • Color arrangement: are you thinking about white color in UI design? As a human, we are often attached to the colors emotionally and this is the reason why color becomes crucial?
  • Animation part of CSS importance: Gone are those days when elements on website use to be in the static condition.