UX Testing: Understand Things at Fine Pores

This is also called user experience testing and extremely important for any website or app. We offer services for UX quality assurance. With modern lab and quality work force, we are one of the leading companies in this sector.

  • User Experience: Unnecessary registration should be prevented. Never ask plenty of details in registration. Registration page should not refresh automatically. Personalized features should be added to page.
  • Some important aspects of home page are clear call action, first impression, Update should be announced in advance, Privacy Policy, Only relevant images and videos, URL should work with and without WWW.
  • Accessibility option is also important. Alt attribute, web robot instruction, navigation arrangement, links should work, Alphabetic sorting, Consistency of elements, URL easy to remember etc.


There are many other things like search, links, layout, errors, forms, content etc. We look into all possible components to analyze things properly.