Why Web UI Needs to be Planned Prior to UX?

Website design is the first thing, we think about when we consider users’ experience. You are correct to associate but there are numerous other elements to calculate about any website. We have seen numerous websites put a form for the feedback that is used to collect experience. Come out of box and start imagination those aspects that are actually important and be ahead of your competitors.

Why focusing on UI and UX always worth for any website?

UX is all about human and computer interaction. We have seen people struggling with websites of universities and colleges to check results. For some websites, people are forced to use and retrieve information but this will be not always right. If you have a business with plenty of competitors then it wouldn’t be correct.

There are some best practices for website designs that must be done and some to avoid also. Website design is crucial but because of over decoration sometimes thing take flip side. Web UX and UI should be planned before starting first code of HTML. One should always remember that web UX comes first and then there is place for the UI. Dealing with these two important aspects at one time is not always easy.

Asking question to users is the best way one can do the entire website. This thing should be also noted that that you don’t have to annoy users, popping windows will never work as they interrupt process. You need to understand that ways users’ going to think. Raw data is available with numerous other marketing assistance service providers. Carefully examine your website as well as competitor, identify where the loopholes are?

We have considered numerous things, will it be possible to do anything with the push notification. You would have seen this thing with numerous websites and mobile apps do. It would be very beneficial from websites’ point of view but some time it pushes users outside website. Some noteworthy points regarding notifications in the UX and UI are as below:

  • Notifications should be always meaningful. One with no or little information wouldn’t help.
  • Relevancy of message is very important so get it checked with an expert.
  • Short description is very important when we think about sending messages.

One needs to have very analytic mind because UI and UX seems very easy but it would have numerous complexities on other end. Recently I saw a website in SAP that is expensive technology and that was looking even worse than HTML and PHP one.